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Rudra Raman plywoods is one of the best plywood companies which is Kanpur. It is the manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of plywood, hardwood plywood, flush door, panel doors, skin door, checked plywood, standard hardboard, pre-laminated particle board, pre-laminated MDF particle board, HDF wooden flooring. Today, Rudra Raman plywoods are said to have an employee count of 50. The 25,000 square-feet- spread company infrastructure is located in Kanpur. However, the turnover of the company is not known.

Plywood is considered to be the most versatile building material available on the market right now. It can be used for both interior works and exterior surface works due to its durability.

There are certain factors you should consider before purchasing plywood.

  •  Two types of plywood’s are available on the market: commercial and Gurjan. The main difference between these two plywoods is that Gurjan plywood’s are waterproof and commercial plywoods are not
  •  Always consider purchasing plywood’s with no gaps, plywoods with a gap in them can crack easily and prove useless.
  •  One of the most common issues that customers face is from the termites that eat their wood. Always consider buying plywood made from 70+ years old trees. Younger the trees are more vulnerable the plywood would be. So, remember to buy the plywood’s manufactured from 70+ years old trees.
  •  Always consider purchasing the plywood manufactured from a common wood piece. If the plywoods are made of different wood pieces then the plywood would be prone to power falling, fungal growth, and infestation.
  •  Always consider purchasing plywood that comes with an ISI certified mark and CML number underneath.

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